OE Parts or Motor factor?

Is it really worth paying extra for Genuine parts..?

Now this always a big subject on forums and rouses big opinions too. Consider this:

A Genuine part sourced using your Registration/Vin is far more likely to not only fit correctly but also put your car back to it’s original production line settings and feel

There is NOTHING more annoying than ordering a part on Ebay only to find out when it finally arrives that it doesn’t fit correctly or even worse, they’ve just sent something slightly different to what you actually ordered. Also, just like ordering anything online, often the picture and description can be small and brief.

Suspension control arms (aka wishbones) are a great example. Often £100-200+ over the Ford parts desk, under £50 at your local motor factor/Ebay etc.. Now, before we even get into the quality of the bushes and feel through the car etc, just pick the two up side by side and you’ll instantly notice the difference in weight by the sheer cheap quality of the steel that the budget ones are made of. Then the parts used (ie bushes and ball joints) often don’t transmit the same solid feel through the car as the genuine ones. The genuine ones tend to last a minimum of five years, often longer. The copied ones, go wobbly much quicker, and sometimes you end up in some cases doing the whole job again a couple of MOT’s later.

It only takes a couple of cheap springs and a pair of motor factor arms to completely spoil the feel of what was, a perfectly nice car!. Then of course if you want to put it right, you have to buy the parts all over again.

Don’t penny pinch with suspension items, Buy it Once, Buy it Right!

After saying all that, we do fit parts sourced through local motor factors when we know they are OE quality. Gates belts and tensioners for example.

Gates supply the exact same box and contents to Ford when they supply their cam tension kits, only the printing is different. We use Gates kits for Cam tensioning and Aux drive kits as they are the best you can get!