Engine Servicing Options – Pricing Etc

Stage 1  Engine Removal – Clean/Service/re-fit

£285 Labour + Cost of Service kit

(currently £440 see parts desk for more info on parts used)

+ Fluids + New bolts used +Brake Cleaner Cans & Sealant


Remove Gearbox and exhaust manifold

Remove Engine

Inspect condition and feel of belts and Pulleys (Idle pulley, Water pump, Aux Tensioner, Alternator) replace as necessary

Remove ALL exterior Engine parts incl. studs etc –  clean down the engine thoroughly

Inlet removal – clean oily residue around the inlet and ports

Remove power steering bracket and pump – clean down

Remove both sump sections – clean out old sealant

Remove oil pump – Change front and rear crankshaft oil seals

Re-seal oil pump back to block 

Re-seal both sump sections using Wurth Sealant – use new bolts to re-fix

Replace camshaft seals

Replace Cam Tensioning system using correct procedure (with correct cam lobe tool)

Set bottom Pulley Stretch bolt to 40Nm + 90 Deg (by Hand, not impact gun) 

Renew Engine Oil and Gearbox Oil – Renew Coolant (Ford 10 year Advanced) – 

Re-seal cam top cover back to head (new seal)

Install new Plugs

Inspect condition of clutch and concentric slave bearing (recommend replacing at least the bearing if it’s old )

Inspect Front crankcase breather box – replace valve 

Remove Coolant thermostat housing– clean mating face and re-seal back – fit new Thermostat

Re-assemble everything back to car and test! 

Stage 2 Engine Service – Cylinder Head service Including Skim and De-coke – £475 Labour

+ Service Kit + Fluids + Cylinder Head Gasket/Bolt set + Valve Stem oil Seals

All of the above work Plus:

Full Cylinder Head removal, clean/de-coke and Re-Face

Clean valves – replace valve stem oil seals – lap valves back into head by Hand

Install new head gasket and stretch bolts


Engine Painting – Show Finish

More thorough clean down of the block and sump sections, getting into every last mm!

Sump Sections painted separately so that fixings are not painted, giving the engine a new and fresh appearance

Block painted (cylinder head masked off and left un-painted)

Other parts to consider restoring whilst engine is out..??

Gear Linkage pole 

Driveshaft Support Bearing


Driveshaft inspection – check / re-pack joints and renew intermediate/support bearing

Heater Control Valve

Coolant hose upper and lower to radiator

Engine Mounts

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