Engine Servicing

Stage 1 Engine Service kit for Ford Puma/Racing Puma

£440 New Pricing from Nov 2023

(not including Aux Drive, fluids or fixings)

Cam Belt Tension Kit – Water Pump – Front Crankshaft seal – Rear crankshaft retainer plate -Camshaft Seals (Exhaust & VCT)  – Crankcase ventilation Valve – Thermostat (+ housing seal) – Airbox Filter (+ Foam Wedge) – Oil Filter – Cam Cover Gasket (incl the cam sensor seal) – NGK High performance Iridium plugs – Sump Bolt


Ford Clutch pack with LUK Concentric Slave Bearing

correct part for 1.7 Puma (standard Puma and Racing variant)

£ message me through contacts page

Aux Drive Kit with Idler Pulley (Aircon Model)

(Tensioner No longer Available from Ford or Gates)


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