Gearbox / Clutch Servicing

Gearbox / Clutch Servicing

We have tools needed to strip down the IB5 gearbox and restore parts to improve its operation on your car. A flywheel skimming service is also available as well as choice of clutch packs. 

I generally do our gearbox/clutch servicing in conjunction
with one of our engine service packages

Check Out My YouTube Video on Gearbox Servicing Here…

Labour to Fit a new clutch whilst doing the engine service
is FREE!

Whilst the gearbox is off we can change the gear selection spring which can annoyingly snap inside the box, renew the shaft bearings, renew selector seal and replace the drive shaft oil seals too which have a tendency to weep over time.

Gearbox Service £130 + Cost Of Parts

`Show finish’ Gearbox Service £130 + £150 + Cost Of Parts