Engine Servicing

Engine Servicing

Our engine servicing options are not only thorough and precise, but represent excellent value too! ..Our engine removal procedure means we can easily look over all the engines working parts, clean and service it properly (even paint it if required), and address as many issues as possible, so that it remains a good working unit for years to come. We believe our attention to detail and quality parts make our service quite unique.

** Click here to Check out the Stage 1 Service on YouTube **

Even the dirtiest of engines which come in looking like this:

Dirty Engine01

 Can be serviced back to a new look and working order.

My Stage 1 engine service would normally consist of this:

Removal of Exhaust manifold, Gearbox then Engine

(Aircon compressor separated and left in situe still pressurised)

Inspect condition of belts, pulleys etc

Remove all exterior engine components – clean down the engine block and cylinder head

Remove complete inlet system – Clean oily residue from the crankshaft ventilation system

Remove both sump sections and renew crankshaft seal and rear crankshaft retainer plate – thorough clean of sump section, removing old sealant – refit with new bolts

Renew the Cam shaft seals

Replace Cam tensioning system – torque by hand using specified settings (correct SPX/Ford tooling used for cam lobe position)

renew fluids including new gearbox oil and coolant

Clean and check all engine bay earth fixtures

For a more detailed Engine service I can also remove the cylinder head, give it a thorough clean and skim, and replace the valve stem oil seals. Also lapping the valves back in for a super air-tight seal.




For a more detailed breakdown of what we do and costing, please visit our FAQ Section.

Alcon Caliper Servicing

Alcon Caliper Servicing

Anyone who owns a set of these calipers will already know how fussy they are when it comes to correct servicing procedure, and the pitfalls of letting them get in a bad way.

I always aim to dismantle the calipers fully, even on ones that have not seen any proper servicing for years, even if it means drilling out the fixings! Once apart, corrosion issues within the pad retaining guides can be dealt with.

After the caliper is thoroughly cleaned it will then be re-coated (usually blue but other colours available on request)

Please email through our contacts page if you wish to book a day visit to work on your brakes, all issues can be dealt with on a day visit, but the coating procedure is not available on a day visit.

To service, recoat and Rebuild the calipers it’s normally a three day procedure before they can be fitted back to a car.


Caliper Overhaul and re-coat £150.00 + Cost of parts


please note: If the calipers have not been serviced for some time they will almost certainly need a service kit and usually the bridge pipes are not re-usable either..

Also note the coating I use is NOT a powder coat finish. Once you powder coat a caliper there’s no going back, not to mention it’s rather thick and unsightly! Once brake dust gets baked into a powder coat it’s rather difficult to clean too. I apply a thin, 2k coating that’s easy to clean and easy to blast off if you wanted to re-coat them again for a new fresh look.



I usually stock all parts needed to get these back to a presentable condition again, including custom machined Bell and rotors (295 x 28mm) and a good quality road pad made by Textar. I can supply service parts by post but much prefer to fit myself,

I GAURENTEE to rid your Racing Puma completely of the annoying brake squeal issues associated with this setup (providing I fit the pads).

Newly Serviced calipers should look something like this:

Slideshow 002

Alcon Brake issues

For information regarding issues with the brake setup please visit our FAQ section.

Rear Brake Servicing

We recommend getting the rear brake setup looked at every 2-4 years. Often neglected, these can seize up quite badly in the back plate carrier arm sliding pins, and also in the handbrake arm itself which should spring well on it’s own (the visual spring only applies a finishing touch to the return arm). We only fit the proper Ford pad specified for this car which was fitted at Tickfords. This pad is made by Ferodo and provides excellent bite and stopping power (cheaper motor factor items are usually a poor substitute).


Rear Brake Servicing

Gearbox / Clutch Servicing

Gearbox / Clutch Servicing

We have tools needed to strip down the IB5 gearbox and restore parts to improve its operation on your car. A flywheel skimming service is also available as well as choice of clutch packs. 

I generally do our gearbox/clutch servicing in conjunction
with one of our engine service packages

Check Out My YouTube Video on Gearbox Servicing Here…

Labour to Fit a new clutch whilst doing the engine service
is FREE!

Whilst the gearbox is off we can change the gear selection spring which can annoyingly snap inside the box, renew the shaft bearings, renew selector seal and replace the drive shaft oil seals too which have a tendency to weep over time.

Gearbox Service £130 + Cost Of Parts

`Show finish’ Gearbox Service £130 + £150 + Cost Of Parts




Bespoke Exhaust System

Bespoke Exhaust System

Systems now on offer for Standard Puma AND Racing Puma

(using 2 1/4″ 57mm pipework and similar rear trim design

see parts desk for pricing information)



Now Available in the following Materials / Finish

1. Mild Steel – As per original System

This system is shaped very accurately, has excellent noise and vibration dissipation properties, and boasts a very satisfying deep sound

2. Stainless Steel Version

Noticeably louder system but with longer lasting pipework

3. ‘Show Car’ Fully Polished Stainless version

Fully polished from top to bottom for that proper bling show car finish

** Please click on PARTS DESK Tab for pricing **

** Click Here for YouTube presentation on the Exhaust System **

A completely new bespoke exhaust system is now available for Racing Puma owners. This system takes the best part of the original design and then has a few fitting tweaks and design features of it’s own.

Firstly, the token gesture of ‘give’ in the original system which was supplied by the steel springs can now be discarded, leaving the joint at the Conical ring gasket to be tightened up more securely with standard High Tensile bolts/nuts. This will result in a good solid seal for years. The Racing Puma, as many know already, is on such a knife edge of tolerance when it comes to MOT time, even a small leak here can make it impossible to pass the emissions testing procedure (small leakage can often be missed here as the system is a little loud)

My manifold is now no longer a rigid piece of exhaust.. as the pipes branch from four to two, I have incorporated a small flexi section here to provide a little more give between the engine and the centre section which results a more free and natural movement of the system with the engine and aids noise and vibration dissipation.

Custom made thick steel plate flanges have been laser cut for a strong and accurate fit.

The heat shield fixing points have been accurately placed for easy fitting of that too.

We Guarantee our system will fit better and sound FAR BETTER than your current stainless system or your money back, No Quibble!

Please note: only buying one piece of the system may not make a huge difference to the overall sound.


The centre section features a 200 cell per inch sports cat and which also comes complete with a guard as standard. To eliminate any problem with fitting up to the manifold at the correct angle, the flange has been left as a ‘floating’ flange here and has also been custom designed with extra thick plate steel to ensure it will not bend, even when bolted up again years later.


The back box features the Oval with center bar that owners will recognise and has specific silencing qualities that make it a really nice ‘deep burble’ to listen to, without it being ridiculously loud.

Any owner who remembers that great sound from the original mild steel system will surely jump at the chance to own a similar setup again.