Alcon Caliper Servicing

Alcon Caliper Servicing

Anyone who owns a set of these calipers will already know how fussy they are when it comes to correct servicing procedure, and the pitfalls of letting them get in a bad way.

I always aim to dismantle the calipers fully, even on ones that have not seen any proper servicing for years, even if it means drilling out the fixings! Once apart, corrosion issues within the pad retaining guides can be dealt with.

After the caliper is thoroughly cleaned it will then be re-coated (usually blue but other colours available on request)

Please email through our contacts page if you wish to book a day visit to work on your brakes, all issues can be dealt with on a day visit, but the coating procedure is not available on a day visit.

To service, recoat and Rebuild the calipers it’s normally a three day procedure before they can be fitted back to a car.


Caliper Overhaul and re-coat £150.00 + Cost of parts


please note: If the calipers have not been serviced for some time they will almost certainly need a service kit and usually the bridge pipes are not re-usable either..

Also note the coating I use is NOT a powder coat finish. Once you powder coat a caliper there’s no going back, not to mention it’s rather thick and unsightly! Once brake dust gets baked into a powder coat it’s rather difficult to clean too. I apply a thin, 2k coating that’s easy to clean and easy to blast off if you wanted to re-coat them again for a new fresh look.



I usually stock all parts needed to get these back to a presentable condition again, including custom machined Bell and rotors (295 x 28mm) and a good quality road pad made by Textar. I can supply service parts by post but much prefer to fit myself,

I GAURENTEE to rid your Racing Puma completely of the annoying brake squeal issues associated with this setup (providing I fit the pads).

Newly Serviced calipers should look something like this:

Slideshow 002

Alcon Brake issues

For information regarding issues with the brake setup please visit our FAQ section.

Rear Brake Servicing

We recommend getting the rear brake setup looked at every 2-4 years. Often neglected, these can seize up quite badly in the back plate carrier arm sliding pins, and also in the handbrake arm itself which should spring well on it’s own (the visual spring only applies a finishing touch to the return arm). We only fit the proper Ford pad specified for this car which was fitted at Tickfords. This pad is made by Ferodo and provides excellent bite and stopping power (cheaper motor factor items are usually a poor substitute).


Rear Brake Servicing